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About Chef Inger


Inger Hoovestol Smith is a talented chef, consultant and culinary instructor with over 30 years experience in the food industry focusing on sports nutrition, health and fitness. She is founder and owner Inger's Fine Foods, a cooking school in Clayton, Ga. Originally from Houston, Inger studied and worked at the popular cooking school Le Panier for many years, where she also  taught healthy cooking classes and had the privilege of working alongside such notable chefs as Guliano Bugiali, Marcella Hazan, Nick Malgieri,  LaVerl Daily and Joanne Weir. She was the co-founder and executive chef of Smart Meals, Inc. one of the first performance based, pre-packaged meal companies in the United States. After relocating to Georgia, along with her husband, Chris, Chef Smith owned and operated Inger's Fine Foods, a small restaurant and catering company in Rabun County from 2001-2008. Over the years Inger has had the unique opportunity to work in the professional sports, music and film industries,  and is now sought after by celebrity clients who must stay healthy and fit.  Chef Inger specializes in managing the dietary needs of professional and elite athletes and over the last 9 years was  the private chef of PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson, QB Matt Ryan and several other NFL players. Inger loves working with and teaching people who enjoy really great food and  are dedicated to fueling their bodies with high quality, nutritionally sound ingredients. 

Some of the Fun People Chef Inger has Cooked For

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons QB

Dustin Johnson, PGA Golfer 

Joey Diovisalvi, Elite PGA Trainer, Owner Joey D Golf

Justin Blalock, Retired NFL

 Thomas Dimitroff, GM Atlanta Falcons

Jeffrey Sprecher, Owner ICE/New York Stock Exchange

Kelly Loeffler, Owner Atlanta Dream

Scott Pioli, NFL Executive

Cathy Selig, Owner Selig Enterprises

Nancy Pruitt, Pruitt Health Corporation

Jennifer Aniston (Private chef Wonderlust Film)

Vic Beasley, Atlanta Falcons 

JR Smith, Cleveland Cavaliers

Sergio Garcia, PGA Golfer

Brooks Keopka, PGA Golfer

Charles Godfrey, NFL (retired)

Tyson Jackson, Atlanta Falcons

Wayne Gretzky

Mary Lou Retton

Kim Zmeskel, Olympic Gymnast

Dr. John Silvanus Wilson, Former President Morehouse College

The Nautica Corporation

Mrs. Barbara Bush

Mary Tyler Moore

The Rolling Stones

Eat Like the Champions!


Justin Blalock


Chef Smith has been cooking for me for several years now, and I can't speak highly enough about the results. I've been more energetic, and received lots of compliments on my new physique. Chef Smith has truly found the perfect recipes  that not only taste great, but you can feel good about eating as well."

-Justin Blalock

Retired NFL 

Scott Pioli


“I have seen Inger’s business at the office and at our home. Her gift as a professional and her personal touch is beyond remarkable. My family and I have enjoyed her food and her ‘business' at our home. From start to finish she and the people that work with her go above and beyond to provide ‘service’ with a genuine warmth and truly tremendous product every time. It is almost difficult to refer to it as a business, product or service because she provides such a great personal touch and genuine care for clients. I couldn’t recommend someone more.”

Scott Pioli

 6 time NFL Executive of the Year

Coach Joey D, Joey D Golf


I've had the pleasure to work with chef Inger for years ....As a coach at the highest level of golf...Nutrition , energy, at the highest level are a must ...,Chef Inger's food is a must for every athlete who is serious about performance !!!!! You should trust chef Inger and her meals to fuel your nutritional needs. Be good to your body !!!! Thank you chef for always giving us the best!!!

Coach Joey D 

Peak Performance Nutrition Management



Why? More and more professional and elite athletes, coaches and trainers are realizing that nutrition is the key to optimal performance in the game, as well as living a healthy and fulfilling life off the field. 

Position Nutrition: All athletes do not require the same type of diet.
Even players on the same team have different positions that demand
different types of fuel. For example, a competitive body builder will need one type of diet to keep him lean, strong and performing properly, while a defensive tackle’s job demands a completely different one. A golfer will need a diet for endurance, while an NBA point guard will eat to perform shorter burst of activity. Chef Smih's goal is Peak Performance Nutrition Management. For the best results she researches her clients specific physical activity and aligns it with the nutritional requirements each sport/position demands, maximizing performance and stamina. 

Chef Inger's program has several important components...EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION, SERVICE and CONVENIENCE. Clients of Smith Performance Nutrition can take advantage of Chef Inger’s entire program or just the aspects that align with their specific needs. 

PART ONE: 20 dedicated hours include: (hours spread out over a period of days) 

Day 1: Extensive interview and diet plan development
Day 2: Shopping at preferred grocery stores
Day 3: Restaurant excursion; what and how to eat on the road 

Day 4: Cooking class with Chef Inger, individual or family 

PART TWO: Continued Monthly Maintenance includes:
1. Menu plan designed to athletes personal nutritional requirements
2. Prepared Meals and snacks delivered to home or gym weekly
3. Weekly phone consult with Chef Inger, on call for urgent needs
4. Personal meeting once a month to assess and address any changes              

5. Guidance regarding which menu items to eat at work or on the road 

Please contact Chef Inger for more information 404-838-8714 

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